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Kababayan Today’s First Filipino-American Community Hero Awardee

She’s very nice and made me feel really comfortable
 when she caught me pacing back and forth in LA-18’s
dressing room.  I smiled and we exchanged our pleasantries as
if we’re friends from a long time ago.  She then escorted
me to the Kababayan Today’s well-lit set and it
finally dawned on me, that minute I sat on their purple high chair…

flipped classroom research presentation

The Bett Show 2015– Presenting Flipped Classroom in London, UK

With no expectations, I sent in my proposal on
the last day of submission to see if
I can prove Khristin wrong. Weeks went by and
I totally forgot about my entry to Bett. Then
an email from Anh Mao came in on the
morning of the 24th of October. “ Thank you for
submitting your proposal on Using Screenflow

nov 21, 2014 front page

“Flipping” Adds Up To Success

As I walked in the store, I saw the
newspaper guy stacking the newspaper neatly in the stand.
When he saw me grabbed 10 copies of the
newspaper, he gave me a confused look and then
quickly looked at his newspaper, then he looked at
me again and looked at the newspaper again…


Peter Esperanza

Barstow I am a teacher

Ryan Barela



luis and mr. e

This year went by really quick, but once again, I felt successful because of you.  It was very fun.  I was a bit optimistic about flipped videos, but it turned out great– I loved it! Plus I got to see Mr. E after school hahaha.  the projects were always so fun.  And the experience and laughs are what I’ll remember.  School is my home away from home  and being in your class the past 2 years felt like family.  I loved our silly and crazy class this year.  

I pushed myself to get an A in your class, I push myself every year to get at least a 4.0 and this yea I reached 4.2 first semester.  My goal was to keep it that way.  But my biggest goal this year was to pass that AP test for you, to show you that your job pays off.  I love math, and I’ll continue to pursue math in my future.  I don’t really like talking in front of a lot of people but you’ve inspired me to become a math teacher.  maybe not a stats teacher but somewhere up there hahaha.  I really aimed for a 4 on that AP test so I hope i get it.  I’m pretty confident I passed.  I just want to make your wall to have you know that your hard work has paid off for me.  I can’t thank you enough for pushing me the past 2 years.  you are my favorite teacher ever! I know it has paid off and I’m really going to miss you.  I’ll keep in touch with you.  I’ll always remember you Mr. E!

Luis Ventura

I would like to take this time to thank you for this challenging, fun, and motivating year.  Your class isn’t the easiest class; the lectures and classwork are fast paced, the homework soon become fast paced, and the tests and quizzes are a force to be reckoned with.  There were multiple times through the year that I wanted to quit.  I remember I failed at least two quizzes  and was crushed each time.  I’ve never really failed until this year, but i don’t regret it one bit.  Besides in the math, your class is a learning experience within itself (for those who aren’t blind) Your class symbolized reality for me.  Your class shows that life is beginning to get real.  Things aren’t going to be easy and it will pass you by… unless you really apply yourself.  You are steadfast in your standards– in your work and in ours.  You push your students both physically and mentally and I admire you for that.  Kids these days don’t have that.  Parents simply don’t push and their kids plummet.  You kind of became a father figure to me.  You would confront me when I’d get bad scores but also give me subtle “good jobs” when I did well.  I would always want to make you proud.  My parents do push me too, but it’s different when you have somebody actually in the class pushing you everyday.  You’ve made me more confident in my math skills and I  wish I have taken calculus too…. but I had physics. I plan to double major in psychology and physics in UCLA.  Physics calls for insane amount of math including calculus– the crazy one.  I am going to be tweeting you math problems so you can help me.  Thank you for this amazing academic experience.  I’ll miss you

Rothinny Honghin

I just wanted to thank you for being the best teacher you can be!  Thank you for making my last year of high school math fun and different. I think the idea of the flipped videos are better that an actual lecture.  It helped me learn more during my spare time and I think you should keep on doing it.  You act mean, but we wall know that you are a softy!  I think it’s obvious that I hate math, but you make me hate it a little less.  I appreciate everything you have done.  i am not speaking for myself but also for all the students that you have.  We think you are amazing and you are a wonderful teacher.  Congratulations on almost being a doctor!

Jamila Reyes

I would like to thank you for this school year.  You have taught me many things in math that I will need for my life.  This year has been somewhat challenging but it has been worth the effort.  Changing your teaching method during the school year really helped me understand the material better.  You have been one of the best math teachers I have ever had.  All the fun times we had in class made it more memorable.  Thank you.

Clifford Light

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have had you as a teacher.  you made me see education in a completely different light.  It’s not about learning definitions and knowing random dates in time, it’s about exploring the minds and using one’s logic to resolve or improve things.  At first I was really scare of being in your class and as the year progressed, my confidence level increased after every flipped video, project or worksheet you put in front of us. Despite the fact that it was a stressful and difficult course, it really made me appreciate math.

I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for this class, for this school, for this community, and most importantly, for me.  I will take this gift you’ve given us and continue to spread the number bending skills of Peter Esperanza.  Thank you once again Mr. E!

Sergio Rangel